About Us

about usIn 1964, Jim and Virginia Krueger started a small print shop in the basement of their home on Sixth Street in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. It was initially started as a hobby to help supplement his income as a foreman at Hankscraft Co., Inc., a local manufacturing firm. Neither of them had any formal training or background in printing and Virginia was a stay-at-home mother with one of their five children having Downs Syndrome and heart problems.

The business was originally named ‘Krueger Duplicating Service, Inc.’ which was a reflection of that era in the printing field when stencil machines, liquid-based copiers and letterpresses were still widely being used. The original piece of equipment was a Multigraph offset printing press capable of running an 11” x 17” sheet of paper. Other auxiliary pieces of finishing equipment were added over the following years as money allowed in order to have the capability to trim, fold and drill jobs.

Over the following decades, the business name was updated to ‘Krueger Printing, Inc.’ to modernize it to what had generally become acceptable to public perception of what was being done. During the early 1970’s, piece by piece, the equipment was moved to a building on the west side of Reedsburg, with the typesetting left at its’ original location so Virginia could still be at home with the children. Eventually, typesetting was also moved to the new location that was formerly a small grocery store, on the west edge of the city.

During the mid-1970’s, both Jim and Virginia passed away. Their son, Jim, took over the business in 1975 and has updated and expanded it into the current, second generation, family-owned business you see today. In the last twenty years, the business has branched into also being a full retail office supply store along with remaining a general commercial offset printing firm. The name was updated to ‘Krueger Printing & Office Supplies, Inc.’ to more accurately reflect what we offer in addition to printing services.

Now run by Jim and Becky Krueger, we strive to give local personal service to both individuals and businesses. We supply printing, office supplies/machines, digital color/hi-speed coping and full capabilities to take jobs from start-to-finish, including mailing fulfillment services, if needed. We continue to expand and improve services to all our customers, old and new!